A place to belong – The Hub

A coffee owner who has opened his café doors to the rest of the community – and has created a place where everyone belongs. Who has created this café, The Hub, which literally is a hub for people to meet and feel welcome, for people to get what they need whether it’s clothing, food, coffee, a chat. It is a real community where the reciprocity flows from inside The Hub onto the street and into the hearts of everyone who sets foot inside its doors. And on top of that, The Hub also promotes several charities from its premises. One that could be considered The Heart of The Hub. And when Vladimir tells me the story behind this charity I almost burst into tears because I see in the flesh the cycle of love continues. Right before my very eyes...


Dress up, show up, fight!

Little Hutt interviews Dayna Berghan-Whyman, Hutt City's very own medieval, full combat fighter who has represented NZ internationally. Also, in this post there is a special downloadable booklet full of images of Dayna's medieval weapons, armour and more.