Simone Ellen Keller – Keeping it real

Simone-Ellen Keller tells us the incredible journey that led to the beginning of Genius You, what ‘Keeping it real’ means to her, and about her true Genius.


This month is such a big month for many people around the world. I love Christmas. I love the crazy-fun-chaos of the silly season. But bubbling up from my big internal world (or just too much pizza?), I’ve kept feeling the statement ‘Keeping it real’ as the theme for this December Issue.

And below Simone Ellen Keller from Genius You (also a Huttonian from way back) shares what ‘Keeping it real’ means to her.

Meet: Simone Ellen Keller

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Genius You

Tell us a little bit about yourself. What inspired you down your Genius road?

‘Firstly, many thanks for inviting me to participate in Little Hutt’s stories and glories. I feel like an honoured guest, but I also need to let you know that I am part ‘Hutty’. Actually, this is where Genius You began.

I was living in Trentham when I realised that I had ticked all the boxes society had informed me were important to tick if you wanted a happy life. You know, marriage, children, career, a home etc, yet I still didn’t feel any sense of satisfaction from the life that I had created. To be honest I felt like I was living under a rock (nothing to do with Trentham).

So, I decided to start again! This time with me first. And I began the most incredible journey, learning how to understand and ‘be’ me and then, in turn, teaching this to others.

This new direction took me to a place where I discovered my genius and purpose and aligning with these two beauties changed everything. When I look back I can see that I was have always been fascinated by others incredibleness. Finding that is my genius, teaching people to lead with that is my purpose.

One last thing, I have daughters. When they were babies I began writing a book designed to teach them how to not do live in a way which caused them agonising pain. The topic was all about the ins and outs of other people, who to stay away from, who to collaborate with., It included sentiments like, ‘some men are sharks, they are beautiful to look at, but don’t hop in the tank’.

The intention was great, but it would have been ineffective because it was all about other people, rather than the empowerment of self.

I was inspired to create Genius You because I wanted my daughters to have a very different experience. I wanted them to never default to another’s desires, and to spend life developing their own magnificence. I find myself now wanting this for all children and I know the key lies in teaching their parents to be the most brilliant version of themselves.’

What does ‘Keeping it real’ mean to you?

‘At first, I was going to answer authenticity, and then bravery, but when I searched a bit deeper, to me it means self-first; placing yourself and your development at the focal point of your life. As a woman, a mother, an employee, a daughter, a friend….I was taught, others first and if I wasn’t doing things this way around I was selfish. I once believed that to be a good person I had to be selfless. Genius You teaches a new way of being and this is how we keep it real, by always leading with us. For me, part of this includes looking after others, being kind, generous and nurturing, but only because this is an expression of me, not something that I have been trained to do.’

Tell us about Genius You…

‘I am a genius finder who believes that all people are equal in their incredibleness. For this reason, the purpose of Genius You is to increase the magnificence of all people.

The creation of Genius You has involved me digging to the core of who we are and how we operate until I found a way to use our invisible parts, so they serve our magnificence rather than take away.

The programme includes:

  • defining our own personal genius by distilling how uniquely incredible we are and how we can put this to work in the world
  • honing our ability to see ourselves, the magic of understanding
  • mastery of core beliefs and desires
  • mapping out how we operate, using consciousness to develop self.
  • powering up love in the form of self-worth, trust, and belief
  • resolving shame and turning fear into an ally rather than a hindrance.
  • learning how to process and consume our emotions for the benefit of our existence instead of the detriment
  • and training our brain to prioritise love.

This programme is the result of my genius, aligned with my purpose. I believe we have it within us all to deliver something of service to the world that is truly incredible, and this is mine.’


F: @geniusyoucompany


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