Michael Anastasiadis – Keeping it real

Michael Anastasiadis tells us about his journey before working at Bozinoff Mortgages, what ‘keeping it real’ means to him, and how he spends his time at home, at work.


This month is such a big month for many people around the world. I love Christmas. I love the crazy-fun-chaos of the silly season. But bubbling up from my big internal world (or just too much pizza?), I’ve kept feeling the statement ‘Keeping it real’ as the theme for this December Issue.

Since Little Hutt is about Hutt peoples’ stories and glories, and for this special Christmas Issue, I’ve asked several people from the Hutt City what ‘Keeping it real’ means to them.

Below is Michael Anastasiadis’ response…

Meet: Michael Anastasiadis

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Bozinoff Mortgages and Insurances

Tell us a little bit about yourself. What inspired you to pursue the path you’ve taken?

‘Hi, I am Michael Anastasiadis your friendly Mortgage Adviser working for Bozinoff Mortgages.  Prior to this, I was a People Manager at Inland Revenue with the responsibility of leading, supporting and empowering over 20 Project Managers and Project Coordinators to implement innovative systems, products, and services for Inland Revenue.’

What does ‘Keeping it real’ mean to you?

‘Keeping things simple and transparent.  Listening and getting the best outcome for everyone.’

Tell us about what you do…

In your spare time…

‘I love spending time with my beautiful wife Natalia and being a golf caddie for my oldest son, Chris.  Taking my 2-year-old, Nico, swimming and giving my 8-month-old, Sofia, lots of cuddles.  I also love running in the mornings before work.  The best way to start the day.’

At work…

MA at BML (002)

‘I provide solutions and assist people throughout the entire process, and to provide any guidance and ongoing support that they may need to achieve their lending goals and ultimately help my clients buy the property of their dreams.

I enjoy helping my clients obtain pre-approved finance, finding a finance and loan structure to suit their needs, and can provide a wealth of knowledge in property investment, mortgage insurance and advice on how to get the best deals with the banks. Best of all, my services are free as I receive a commission from the product providers I work with upon settlement.

I assist with completing an easy application form and help with getting the right supporting documents together and then work away to get you the very best deal while my clients can go house shopping.  It really is that easy.’

W: www.wellingtonmortgagebroker.co.nz

M:  (021) 757-269

E:  michael@bml.net.nz

F: @michaelmortgageadvisor

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