Bev van Vels – Keeping it real

Bev van Vels tells us about how a quote she was given by on of her teacher’s changed her life, her varied career background, growing Sunday Afternoon Toastmasters and many other businesses, and about staying balanced in life. 


This month is such a big month for many people around the world. I love Christmas. I love the crazy-fun-chaos of the silly season. But bubbling up from my big internal world (or just too much pizza?), I’ve kept feeling the statement ‘Keeping it real’ as the theme for this December Issue.

Since Little Hutt is about Hutt peoples’ stories and glories, and for this special Christmas Issue, I’ve asked several people from the Hutt City what ‘Keeping it real’ means to them.

Below is Bev van Vels response…

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‘My passion in life has always been to help others so that they are getting the optimum from their lives. Many years ago I was given this quote by one of my teachers and it has shaped my life since.

“The essence of a business is the vision behind it and illuminated vision is service to humanity. Love is the most powerful fuel in any endeavour. The most important question to ask about any work is: “How does this serve the world?” To whatever extent it contributes healing of some form to society, to the extent the project is blessed. Blessing means mystical support and protection. If you want your business to succeed, pray only that it serves mankind.”

I have had a varied career. The IT industry formed the basis of my work career where I started as a computer operator at Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries. While working there I trained to become a Fitness Instructor.  I saw a need to create an in-house gym for the staff and started one that ran for 10 years before it was closed. This was the first in Wellington at that time.

Redundancies closed that door for me and soon opened another.  I then ran a wellness clinic for 15 years in the Wellington CBD. When I set up my Wellness Clinic Total Relaxation, it was a time when massage was seen as merely relaxing. It wasn’t seen as any one’s health regime. It was breaking ground at that time. I grew my clinic to a team of  6 therapists and was constantly upskilling myself so I could offer a wide range of modalities. I enjoyed wellness coaching and running workshops for both corporate and personal clients.

I enjoyed helping others in their businesses so much that next, I took on running the Wellington franchise Her Business Network for women for the next 4 years where I supported many other small business owners grow and enhance their businesses. I did this while I was working full time at my clinic. It was an experience I will never forget as it created many lifelong friendships that I enjoy today.

After selling my business I took a job at Lifestyle Gym where I worked as a business development manager and senior sales consultant. It was a tough economic climate and other gyms were opening up at the same time to jump on the bandwagon. My holistic approach and desire to help people succeed saw the membership grow, meeting the tough sales targets. Winning membership Membership Consultant of the year for 2008 – 2011 and another honour that went above and beyond in 2010 were my proud achievements at that time.

A recent addition to my skills is my affiliation with Toastmasters International. Four years ago I joined the Sunday Afternoon Toastmasters Club in Lower Hutt to learn to enhance my speaking and leadership skills. I am now the president of the Club and I have enjoyed leading the Club in successful marketing campaigns that have attracted many new members.  The Sunday Afternoon Club has also just completed running a six-week Speechcraft Course at Weltec for students. The goal was to be able to help them gain confidence in speaking in public and gain strong leadership skills for their career-life ahead. This course was a success as it obtained those goals and much more.

bev_with_cc_cert (002)

My current role as Client Relationship Manager for Synthesis Marketing is one I love. It allows me to use all the skills and talents I have built up over the years. Often in a business, the leads will come in the door, but if they are not nurtured and looked after, they will die slowly but surely. My role is to ensure our clients are kept happy. I am with them every step of the way, picking up on any delays to progress and doing what is needed to get it going again. It’s the relationship that I enjoy building and growing as I learn more about how to help our clients. I also enjoy assisting the synthesis team in looking after our clients with all their marketing-communication packages. I love this variety as it means I am writing newsletters, blogs, social media posts, website work and learning constantly. Coaching is another love that has made its way back to my career as I am now passing my sales skills onto Telesales people for one of our clients.

What I especially love about working with the dynamic team at Synthesis Marketing, is that we work closely with our clients to give them marketing solutions specifically tailored to their business. We love getting our hands dirty at the tactical level of developing websites, writing promotional material, press releases, sales scripts, developing database solutions and much more. No day is ever the same.’

In my spare time…

‘I help out Canine Friends by taking Bobby, my Poodle/Bichon cross to visit the residents at a Summerset Resthome. I love seeing the joy it brings to those who are especially lonely and share the unconditional love that only animals can give.

Keeping fit and healthy is also a big part of my life still as I believe that it creates the balance I need to keep it real for me. While I enjoy helping everyone else, I do have to be careful with my energy as it can quickly dwindle down before I have had a chance to top it up. To ensure that does not happen, I have triggers that alert me when I need to take time out so I don’t burn out.

Some of the things that top me up are, meditation, swimming, beach walks with my husband and dog Bobby and reading.

Keeping it real to me also means keeping close to my core values which incorporate my quote that I started with in my story.

I believe that if something feels right, it usually means I am on the right path. And for that to happen, I need to love what I am doing and know that I am helping others and benefiting society.’

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