Amy Hooper – Keeping it real

Amy Hooper from OnVideo Media tells us about her biggest strengths, her background, what she values most in life, and following your passion.


This month is such a big month for many people around the world. I love Christmas. I love the crazy-fun-chaos of the silly season. But bubbling up from my big internal world (or just too much pizza?), I’ve kept feeling the statement ‘Keeping it real’ as the theme for this December Issue.

Since Little Hutt is about Hutt peoples’ stories and glories, and for this special Christmas Issue, I’ve asked several people from the Hutt City what ‘Keeping it real’ means to them.

Below is Amy Hooper’s response…

Meet: Amy Hooper

Amy H (002)

OnVideo Media

Tell us a little bit about yourself. What inspired to pursue the path you’ve taken?

‘My biggest strength is my people skills so working with people was the obvious path for me to take. When I left school I got into the hospitality industry, which would allow me to travel the world and get a job almost anywhere in the world.

I did not get any university education when I left school so at the age of 27 decided to broaden my capabilities and started a business degree majoring in Marketing Communications, which I am now slowly starting to see light at the end of the tunnel.

After owning my own cafe/restaurant at age 30 I then decided it was time to take another career path, and new I wanted to get into sales. I started with a Business Development position in the property management industry giving me excellent experience in growing and developing rent rolls.

In 2015 I moved to Australia continuing my career in the property management industry but when I made the decision to return to Wellington, decided it was a time to change industries and follow my passion into a Marketing based role. Since starting with OnVideo Media, it has opened my eyes to exactly what path I want to take and am loving every minute of it.’

What does ‘Keeping it real’ mean to you?

‘‘Keeping it real’ to me means never changing who I am or my values no matter what I do in life. Success comes and goes and it is very important to me I always remember the people that are important to me and the people which helped me get to my success.

Although you go through tough times in life and sometimes get thrown curveballs, it is important to me to always keep track with what I want out of life. A big value to me is keeping a healthy work-life balance and doing something I’m passionate about.’

Amy Hooper

Tell us about what you do…

In your free time…

‘As I am a single Mum that works full time and studies part time so I don’t seem to find much ‘free time’.  On the rear occasion I do, I love being outdoors, tramping, camping and exploring and spending as much time as I can with the people I care about.’

At work…

‘My position with OnVideo Media is Sales Manager so my job is just to go out, talk to people and spread the word about how awesome our product/company is. I really believe in what we are doing so it makes my job very rewarding. I get to understand what our clients’ needs are in regards to using video and then building a strategy to help show them the results they are looking for. With so much depth and experience to our team, we have the capability to do almost anything that will help someone grow their business.’



F: @onvideomedia

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