Pam Hewitt – wellness

Meet Hutt wellness guru Pam Hewitt, owner of Fit Future Private Training Studio.


For the second Little Hutt enewsletter I’ve chosen the topic of wellness and asked some of the very best wellness gurus around the Hutt City to tell us a little about themselves, and their top three tips for living well every day.

Meet: Pam Hewitt

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Owner of Fit Future Private Training Studio

What are your top three wellness tips?

1. Have a little grey in your life: Having an ‘All or Nothing’ approach doesn’t work long term.  When you make things too hard for yourself, you are setting yourself up for failure.

2. Love your body, it is the best instrument you will ever own: Judge it on what it can do, not what it looks like.  When you love your body, you want to treat it right!

3. Be kind to yourself, talk to yourself like you would talk to a friend: When you forgive yourself for small lapses you are less likely to totally relapse into those bad habits.

What do you do?

‘I am a Personal Trainer who specialises as a Health Coach, with a focus on promoting lifestyle change for overweight individuals and those who are at risk for chronic disease.  I know that ‘just exercising’ is not enough and that to make real change to wellbeing, you need to ‘ditch’ those bad habits, make better food choices that nourish your body and include movement in your daily life.’

Why did you choose to work in your field?

‘I worked in the corporate world for many years before wanting to do something that had meaning, that I was passionate about and that could have a positive impact on people’s life.  I would walk around the mall and see the impact that our lifestyle is having.  So many people looked uncomfortable and in pain, just walking around the mall!  I wanted to be part of the movement for change – helping people to move away from too much ‘screen time’, fast food and inactivity – it’s killing us as a nation!’

Where did you grow up?

‘I grew up in South Africa and left 25 years ago to go on my OE (overseas experience).  I meet a Kiwi in Italy and never went home.’

How long have you lived in the Hutt City?

‘Lived in the Hutt for 20 years.’

Who’s your hero/oine? Why?

‘Nelson Mandela – Like he said ‘It always seems impossible, until it is done’.  Anyone can change their life around and it is not as hard as you think!’

What do you like to do for fun?

‘I love to have a meal and wine with friends and family. Love dancing too!’

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