Elizabeth Stein – wellness

Meet Hutt wellness guru Elizabeth Stein, Belly Massage Therapist and Wellness Consultant at Belly and Body Care.


For the second Little Hutt enewsletter I’ve chosen the topic of wellness and asked some of the very best wellness gurus around the Hutt City to tell us a little about themselves, and their top three tips for living well every day.

Meet: Elizabeth Stein

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Belly Massage Therapist and Wellness Consultant – Belly and Body Care

What are your top three wellness tips?

1. Take time for yourself: Self-care is really important. When you are well cared for and refreshed it’s so much easier to be present and compassionate with others which makes everything better. Also, we role model for others to do the same and this means everyone works less hard b/c people take better care of themselves and not get into a health mess.

2. Take care of your body: It pays big dividends later in life and you only get one. Plus a little self-discipline now to make sure you eat right and exercise right help with feeling better, which also means thinking better, and aging better. Aren’t these all good things? You wouldn’t put a carrot in your car engine and expect it to run right. The same is true for our bodies. Don’t believe people that say you can eat whatever you like. It’s true you can choose to eat whatever you like but there is a price to pay for eating the wrong foods or doing the wrong exercises for your body type. I think of taking care of the body like taking care of money. Taking care of either allows them to take care of you in the now and later when you really need them to.

3. Doing nothing is doing something and is a really important part of a balanced life: If you’re all go all the time there is no space in between for pause, breath, and inspiration to strike. It’s also at rest the body heals. Make time for nothing or just being. Doing nothing is part of a balanced life.

What do you do?

‘Bellies need love too and almost no one thinks of their belly other than how good it looks in his or her outfit. My profession exists to comb out the knots, kinks and misplaced abdominal organs that people didn’t know they had so the digestion, immunity, and pelvic plumbing works better. This includes moving wombs when they need to be moved. I move wombs gently and externally through this work. A wandered womb can get into mischief like sometimes cause constipation, period pain and even make a woman more prone to pelvic infections or can make it harder to get pregnant. Also, the belly is considered a 2nd brain.

‘Belly massages help people just feel better and relieve distress.’

Why did you choose to work in your field?

‘I chose my field because I needed the work myself, but also because I saw how needed it was for the world. This work changes lives. The moment I found a training program I jumped at it and upon the first 30 minutes of class I knew I wanted to be a teacher. It just made sense and has given me and my clients such a better quality of life I didn’t know was possible.’

Where did you grow up?

‘I grew up in Stone Mountain, Georgia, on the ghetto side near a big county jail. Helicopters used to sometimes fly out at night searching with spotlights when someone escaped every now and then, but not too often.’

How long have you lived in the Hutt City?

‘I’ve lived in the Hutt since early April of this year, 2017 but I’ve lived in Wellington for about 1.5 years.’

Who’s your hero/oine? Why?

‘Gregory Roberts is one of my favorite people because he has lived such a rich and adventurous life all over the world and he helps people through his programs and his art. He wrote a best-selling novel while in prison. He was someone that made mistakes -and really took the lessons and grew from them and now helps to make others lives better.’

What do you like to do for fun?

‘For fun, I like to talk with good friends, be in nature, train in self-defense and cook and eat really amazing healthy food.’

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