Dr Jane Knight – wellness

Meet Hutt wellness guru Dr Jane Knight from Manuka Health Centre.


For the second Little Hutt enewsletter I’ve chosen the topic of wellness and asked some of the very best wellness gurus around the Hutt City to tell us a little about themselves, and their top three tips for living well every day.

Meet: Dr Jane Knight

Jane Knight

General Practitioner at Manuka Health Centre

What are your top three wellness tips?

1. Consume nourishing nutrition: Eating real wholefood is the key. Eat plenty of ‘rainbow vegetables’, good quality meat, chicken fish, eggs, fruits, some dairy, nuts and seeds and lots of water. Eating food which your body recognises as real food allows your body and mind to function at an optimum level. If you are Vegan or Vegetarian don’t forget to keep an eye on your iron, zinc and B12 levels too.

2. Get a good nights sleep: We are just like computers and we ‘re-boot’ when we sleep. So many important physiological processes occur whilst we sleep. Sleep is restorative and rejuvenating. There are lots of ways to improve your sleep – and in turn your overall health and well-being.

3. Minimise stress – such an energy stealer: Dealing with stress is a priority when living a westernised lifestyle. Most of us are juggling family, work and home commitments and eventually high-stress levels take their toll on our health. Exercise is an excellent way to discharge stress, either running, swimming or other cardio- work, or engaging your parasympathetic system with yoga, Qi Gong and even walking. Meditation and mindfulness allow your mind to find calm and space in daily life.

What do you do?

‘I am one of the doctors working at Manuka Health Centre. We help patients with a variety of medical issues, and we also aim to improve our patients’ general lifestyle to help prevent future illness and for general well-being.’

Why did you choose to work in your field?

‘General Practice attracted me as I enjoy working with a range of people presenting with a wide variety of medical issues. My interest in prevention and wellness has led me to Nutritional and Environmental medicine, looking at lifestyle interventions with patients including sleep, nutrition, exercise and stress management.’

Where did you grow up?

‘I grew up in Yorkshire in the UK, in a town called Huddersfield.’

How long have you lived in the Hutt City?

‘I live in Wellington but have been working in Lower Hutt for 2 years.’

Who’s your hero/oine? Why?

‘There are many unsung heroes in Medicine. I have been lucky to have some wonderful mentors and to have worked in some amazing teams – from the nurses who showed me all the things we should have been taught at medical school to the emergency teams who kept their cool and saved the patient, the hospice teams who empower people to die well and the paramedics whose appearance when I need them still gives me a sigh of relief. I feel privileged to work with dedicated colleagues and to be part of a great team at Manuka Health Centre.

What do you like to do for fun?

I like to hang out with my husband, 2 children, and border collie puppy – as the puppy needs lots of walking, we’re spending a lot of time doing that at the moment. We’ve just serviced our bikes ready for summer cycling, and looking forward to lots of trips to the beach to make plenty of Vitamin D.

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