Andrew Hardwick – wellness

Meet Hutt wellness guru Andrew Hardwick founder of Andrew Hardwick Hypnotherapy.


For the second Little Hutt enewsletter I’ve chosen the topic of wellness and asked some of the very best wellness gurus around the Hutt City to tell us a little about themselves, and their top three tips for living well every day.

Meet: Andrew Hardwick


Empowerment Coach at Andrew Hardwick Hypnotherapy

What are your top three wellness tips?

1. Cultivate your imagination every day: The late, great author and Psychologist Isaac Asimov famously said, “Man is limited only by his imagination”. The same principle applies to all men, women, children, and in fact the collective race of mankind. Asimov understood that the nature of humanity is to be goal seeking. Using your imagination engages the most powerful part of your mind, your unconscious, in the process of fulfilling your dreams. Dream at night, daydream in the day. Pretend you already have what you want, and live life as if you already have it. This is the process that underpins popular success strategies like “The Secret” and “Mindfulness” and “Abundance”. Dream big and go for it!

2. Have a strong motivation to act on: When we are comfortable with what we do, we have no incentive to make a different choice, to accept a challenge or to make a change. For example, wanting to stop drinking alcohol in order to save money may not be a strong enough motivation for someone who has plenty of cash and likes a drink. But, wanting to be a good role model for their kids might be great motivation.

Remember the Motivation Equation: Motive + Action = Results. The stronger your motive and the more action you take, the better your results will be.

3. Make a plan and stick to it: A dream without a plan is just a dream. Hence dreaming of being 20kgs lighter and feeling comfortable in clothes at least 2 – 3 sizes smaller is a great dream to have. But your dream is just a starting place. In order to turn your dreams into a reality, you need a plan. Successful businesses have a plan, successful projects have a plan, successful advertising has a plan, and so too does successful wellbeing. Once you have a plan, stick to it. Laser-like focus on goals, through sticking to a good plan, is necessary for achieving your wellbeing goals, such as to lose weight, to stop smoking, drinking, gambling etc

What do you do?

‘I’m a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Life Coach, Motivational Speaker & Tai Chi Leader.

My passion is to empower Choice, Challenge & Change!

‘In terms of choice…Prospective clients often present with the limiting belief that they either have no choice at all or that the choices they have are limited or unacceptable. Many justify this limiting mindset with the word “because”, followed by a reason or excuse that they frequently tell themselves and the world. They say it so often that they eventually believe it, and thus limit their own potential. For example, when working with clients who want to lose weight I often hear, “I have no choice but to put my partner, my kids and work ahead of my own needs because I am too busy to have time to prepare healthier food or to do exercise”. I enjoy helping clients to overcome this and other limiting beliefs and open up their minds to new possibilities so that they can then make different life choices.

‘In terms of challenge...In today’s fast-paced, modern world, life presents many challenges. Successful people challenge themselves, challenge the status quo, and challenge others, every single day. That’s why they are successful! Essentially, successful people become successful because they step out of their comfort zone and accept the challenge to do something different or harder than they have done before. For example, I see clients who want to pass a fitness test for their police entrance exam, plus sporting people and martial artists who want to improve their performance in competitions. Through my work, I help clients to clearly define their goals and rise to the challenges they face, so that they can be successful in their life.

‘In terms of change...Change can happen instantaneously, and yet take what seems a lifetime to accept. This being the case, change can also cause some people to feel as if they are victims of change, having been left behind. For example, when I was a child I relied on my parents to show me how to use the technology of the day. Then there came a time when they relied on me. Now I rely upon my son. Hence my relationship with technology has changed over time. As well as technology, changes in relationships, work circumstances, procedures, physical health, income etc can all become overwhelming. There is potential for change to cause anxiety, stress, depression, pain, fear, and anger. I help clients to recognise and/or plan change and to make positive change, in ways that enable them to feel empowered again.

‘When sufficiently motivated, we can see different choices, accept new challenges and make changes more easily.’ 

Why did you choose to work in your field?

‘Hypnotherapy was not where I began. I have been a Registered General Nurse & Registered Mental Health Nurse for over 30 years, practising in both the UK & NZ.

‘It was just 4 months into my career in nursing when I first encountered hypnosis in a clinical setting, during a placement in the Emergency Department (ED). A young girl of around 9 years old had been brought to the ED by her mother. She had fallen and broken her wrist.

‘The little girl was clearly in pain, but more than that she was terrified because she needed to have a needle for anti-tetanus and pain control so that the wrist could be set. She didn’t want the needle, and her distress was so great that she was kicking, screaming, spitting, biting and scratching anyone who went near her, including her own very distraught mother.

‘At that time, the ED was taking part in a research project coordinated by Doctors/Hypnotherapists at the Association of Qualified Curative Hypnotherapists, which was situated across the road from the hospital. The project was clinical research into the use of Hypnotherapy in an ED. One of the Doctors/Hypnotherapists secured informed consent from the little girl’s mother to hypnotise her daughter.

‘As the admitting nurse I had been involved in the girl’s admission process, and so I was given permission to watch the girl being hypnotised. To my astonishment, it was less than 20 minutes later that the little girl was sitting giggling. She said her arm tickled as the needle entered her arm for an anti-tetanus injection (which can be painful).

‘She calmly watched her wrist being set, then with a signal from the Hypnotherapist she went back to sleep. The Hypnotherapist gave her suggestions that she would sleep very well at night and would be happy, content and her arm would be comfortable. I was astounded! It was this incident that sparked my life-long interest in Hypnotherapy.

‘Since that moment I have learned all that I could about hypnosis and Hypnotherapy, whilst also working full time as a Registered Nurse. For many years I studied hypnosis, but due to work did not manage to create the time for formal Hypnotherapy training until I left the UK for NZ.’

Where did you grow up?

‘I was born in England in 1961. My birthplace is a town called Walsall, in the West Midlands of England, near to England’s 2nd city,  Birmingham. That’s where I lived until my 20’s, when I moved to follow a nursing career.’

How long have you lived in the Hutt City?

‘I migrated from the UK to NZ in January 2004, with my wife Anne, and our son, Joel

‘My therapy work has been in both Wellington & the Hutt Valley, and I have always believed there was more Hypnotherapy work for me in the Hutt. This instinct has proven to be correct, as business has boomed since we moved to Upper Hutt

‘After over a decade of living in rentals around Wellington, we could finally afford a deposit and a mortgage. We bought our own home in May 2017, in Birchville, Upper Hutt. My wife Anne, our son Joel and I live there with our Yorkshire Terrier puppy, called Nyota. We hope to be joined by a Devon Rex kitten sometime in December or January, depending upon when the breeder’s litter are born.’

Who’s your hero/oine? Why?

‘My hero is my late sister Tina. After our mother passed away, Tina held the family together. She taught me love, compassion and determination. She was, and always will be, my best friend and confidante. RIP Tina xxx’

What do you like to do for fun?

  • Watch science-fiction, mainly Star Trek, Doctor Who & Marvel related stuff
  • Collect Marvel Comics & science-fiction memorabilia
  • Listen to music whenever possible, mainly on the radio or live acts
  • Play racquet sports, tennis outdoors, and badminton indoors
  • Practice Tai Chi, as well as leading classes and workshops
  • Ramble through the hills and waterways, sometimes on my own, sometimes with our dog, Nyota.’

But more than anything I love “Me time” when I can just be away from everything and everyone and just chill out!

Go back to Issue 2, Little Hutt, to get more wellness tips…

2 thoughts on “Andrew Hardwick – wellness

  1. Andrew, wonderful to read your blog. I have very warm memories of your sister but also brother Andrew and of course your mum and dad: It was the Hardwick 3 Card Brag school which gave me the competitive edge in business. Also good to read of your career and family. Co-incidentally my daughter is in Melbourne and plans to visit Auckland next week Check out my blogs and


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