Grae O’Sullivan

Grae O’Sullivan, ACT, Rimutaka, tells us about some of his favourite childhood stories and glories.


Rimutaka electorate candidate – ACT

Where did you grow up? 

‘I grew up in the suburbia of the western hills of Lower Hutt in a newly constructed 1970’s weatherboard house that my parents bought in Maungaraki. I attended the local primary school until I left to go to secondary at Hutt Valley High School. My mother didn’t drive so my elder brother, younger sister, and I walked quite a bit to get around.’

Tell us about a favourite childhood memory…

‘In the sixth form (Year 12 now) I won a national economic essay competition which had a $1500 first prize. It was about how New Zealand benefits from trade. I not only got the money but I got to go to the Beehive and have my prize presented by the Minister of Finance. Unfortunately, Roger Douglas had just been sacked so my prize was presented by David Caygill instead. I was slightly gutted.’

When did you know you’d work in politics? Was it in childhood? Later?

‘My family has always been political and I have always been quite contrary. The rest of my family are lefties whereas I am obviously supportive of right leaning policies (although I am sympathetic to the same goals and ideals). I didn’t have a huge desire to become actively involved in politics until the last election when I attended a talk by Richard Prebble (another childhood hero) who convinced me that running for Parliament would be something I could tell my grandkids about.’

What is your greatest glory? (This could be in adulthood.)

‘I have finally found what a true and deep romantic love for someone is since I met my wife almost two and a half years ago. I am incredibly proud to have her love me as much as I love her. I have had a wonderful life to date with all my five kids and wife and amazing adventures both here and overseas. We just got back from South Africa which was a dream destination of mine since I was a teenager.’

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