Ginny Andersen

Ginny Andersen, Labour Party, Hutt South, tells us about some of her favourite childhood stories and glories.


Hutt South electorate candidate – Labour

Where did you grow up? 

‘My parents were school teachers and I went to several different schools, so there isn’t just one town. I lived in some beautiful places like Great Barrier Island, the Wairarapa. I went to high school and university in Christchurch; and moved to Wellington about 15 years ago, in 2002.’

Tell us about a favourite childhood memory…

‘It’s hard to choose one, but I would have to say playing on the beach as a kid on Great Barrier Island. Just being able to play with a bunch of other kids at the beach. We just knew we had to be home when it got dark, so we were pretty wild and free. We lived right across the road from the beach.’

When did you know you’d work in politics? Was it in childhood? Later?

‘I’ve always worked as a public servant but during that time I wasn’t fixed on going into politics. Over the years, as I watched important work being bypassed on issues such as methamphetamine because it didn’t hit the right popularity buttons. It made me want to drive policy that was evidence based and had the ability to fix some of the problems we face.’

What is your greatest glory? (This could be in adulthood.)

‘My children are my greatest achievements. Together with my husband, we have four children. The oldest two, ages 16 and 13 and the two younger ones, aged five and three. They are my greatest joy and they motivate me to make the Hutt and also NZ a better place to grow up in.’

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